Stop the Presses...

Clipping from 'The Giggle Ridge Whistle Blower'


Acme press release;
worldwide 1/17/01

Spokespersons for The Giggle Ridge Logging Co. and The Incredible Dizzying Heights Mining Co. jointly announced intentions to explore the possibilities of entering a conceptual agreement to potentially combine their respective branch line operations in Southwestern Canada, earlier today.

Flapjack the bear, and A. C. Jones, the elf, made the announcement together at the official press conference. Said Mr. Flapjack (mascot for the GRL Co.), "When's breakfast?".

Later, while posing for photos with Mr. Flapjack, Mr. Jones (official spokes elf of the IDH Mining Co.) added, "Could somebody please get me a stepladder? This guy is huge!".

The highly speculative purposed merger concept under consideration officially announced today is completely subject to approval at The Sawatzky Imagination Corporation (Canada), and Fantasonics Engineering (USA), who may or may not announce any actual merger of their respective railroad operations, sometime later this year.

When reached for comment, Daniel Sawatzky (unable to attend today's press conference) of the Sawatzky Imagination Corporation explained it this way: "They did what... !?!"

James R, Wells (also unable to attend) with Fantasonics Engineering added a note of caution to Mr. Sawatzky's comments, "We're concerned about, and examining quite closely, the very real possibility that this may escalate into substantially more fun than we had originally budgeted for."

"We're still hopeful this could all work out", Mr Wells continued. "...if things keep moving along swiftly, we may be able to complete negotiations and begin actual ground breaking quite early in the next...

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