Dream Player LITE Specifications:
The Dream Player LITE is a product of PRICOM Design

Dimensions: 2.5"x2.5"x1" (LxWxH)

Power Input: 9V DC
Connection: 2 position terminal strip
Current consumption: approx 200mA

Trigger Input: 1 Input for Switches or Contact Closures
Connection using 2 position terminal strip
Pull any input to GND with switches, relay contacts, etc.

Trigger Output: 1 Output for relays, lamps, lights, animation, or other player's trigger inputs
Connection using 2 position terminal strip
Pulls to GND. Outputs rated for 200mA each

Audio Output: Line Level Analog Audio Output
Connection using standard 3.5mm (1/8") stereo mini phone jack
Allows direct connection of speakers

Audio Formats: 16 bit, mono or stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1KHz
Output Level: 3V Peak-To-Peak Maximum

Storage Device: SD or SCHD MicroSD FLASH from 2GB-32GB
(that's 30 hours of stereo CD quality audio storage!)


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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

 copyright © 2014, Fantasonics™ Engineering, all rights reserved.