The Next Generation Scale Magic Dream Player is here!

The best Scale Magic Dream Player ever!

Scale MagicDream player LITE is offered complete, R-T-R with microSD card loaded with Scale Magic Sound in any scene from our always growing scene catalog, US power supply, owner's manuals and files.

Dream Player loaded with Scale Magic Sound...
Shipping in USA is FREE!

The all new Scale Magic™ Dream Player LITE is improved in almost every way imaginable...

Improved audio quality
Simple toggle between day & nighttime tracks
HALF the PRICE of the original Scale Magic™ Dream Player!

More Fun...
The Scale Magic Dream Player LITE is R-T-R, and guaranteed to sound terrific on you pike!
The Enginears guarantee it because...
we fill each Scale Magic Dream Player LITE with... Scale Magic Sound!


The Back Story
Download the Owner's Manual

You can audition & order ANY title in the Scale MagicDream Player LITE in our
Scale Magic Scene Library !

Questions? Contact us, we're ready to listen!

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Artwork by Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

 copyright © 2021, Fantasonics™ Engineering, all rights reserved.