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The best Scale Magic™ Dream Plater ever!

Dream players are offered complete, R-T-R with microSD card and every minute of Scale Magic™ Sound in any scene from our ever-growing scene library

Dream Player loaded with Scale Magic Sound...
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Every order includes complete operating instructions for creatively applying your new Dream Player, and the Scale Magic™ Sound Owner's Manual, a complete 30 plus page tutorial on building scale sound into your pike!

You can audition and order any scene from our Scale Magic™ Scene Library in your Dream Player! Place your order for a Dream Player below and be sure to give us all contact information (including phone and email address). We will contact you to work out the exact scene you want. Whenever appropriate, both day and night scenes will be shipped to you in your new Scale Magic™ Dream Player LITE (with simple toggle switching between day and nighttime soundtracks!). There is no limit to the number of Scale Magic™ Dream Player LITE's per order, but please only one scene per player...

   Scale Magic Dream Player R-T-R, loaded with Scale Magic Sound (any scene!)... $79.00

Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you!

   Power Supply for The Dream Player LITE... $9.00
NOTE: power supply requires 120VAC (US) input!

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Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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