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The Scale Magic Dream Player LITE is available loaded and R-T-R in the following scenes:

Way Side Station
The Old West (2 CD set!)
The Slightly Newer West (2 CD set!)
Small Time Mine Operation
Wild West Saloon
Quaint Fishing Harbor
Waterfalls & Rivers
Streams & Creeks
Day & Night (mountain)
Day & Night (prairie/desert)
Four Corners (dawn/day/dusk/night)
Lakes & Ponds (2 CD set!)

Big City (turn of the last century)
The Big City (roaring 20's & 30's)
Big City (Transition Era)
Big City (modern, diesel)

Big Port Harbor (turn of the last century)
Big Port Harbor (WWII, big steam)
Big Port Harbor (modern, diesel)
International Seaport New!

Roundhouse/Switch Yard (turn of the last century)
Roundhouse/Switch Yard (WWII, big steam)
Roundhouse/Switch Yard (modern, diesel)



Big City Station (turn-of-the-century) New!
Big City Station (transition era) New!
Big City Station (modern) New!

Small Town Station (turn of the last century) New!
Small Town Station (earyly 1900's) New!
Small Town Station (late 1900's) New!


Stamp Mills, 5 , 10 & 20 stamps
Saw Mill (pre 1920's, steam powered)
Logging Camp (pre 1920's)
Logging Operations (pre 1920's)
Popp's Paper Products (paper mill)
The Big Industry!
Two (or possibly three) Factories
'Steam' Wood Factory
'Electric' Wood Factory
Big Time Mine
The Roundhouse Series (2 CD set!)
The Waterfront Series (2 CD set!)
Old Time Mining Ops (steam)
Old Time Mining Ops (electric)
Riley's feed & Grain (rural elevators)
The Big Elevators
Railside Stockyards (2 CD set) New!
The Warehouse District New!


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Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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