"Scale Dreams do come true... "

A product of PRICOM Design

Sounds good!

No compromise here, the Dream Player is engineered to deliver lush 44.1khz sampling rate 16 bit digital audio fidelity, in stereo. And it comes loaded with Scale Magic™ sound in any scene available from the Scale Magic™ library... scale sound designs audio engineered to take full advantage of the player's expressiveness. Its the perfect marriage of system and sound. This rig honestly sounds better than most CD players!

Each Dream Player comes loaded with the same dedicated scale sound design scenes that have made our Scale Magic™ CD Soundtracks the talk of the Hobby. And, Scale Magic™ imaging makes application in your pike a foolproof breeze. You can apply speakers in any way you wish (or that is easy), and the scale imaging always holds up... its engineered to work in any layout and any scale!

Push a button and it plays! There is simple elegance engineered into every aspect of the Dream Player's design, and applications. Hook up is simple, requires no soldering, jumpers, or programming set up. Mounting is easy. And the output will drive any audio amplifier and speakers you want to use.

Universally compatible!
Works all by itself, or with every system imaginable! So simple it is completely compatible with DC, DCC, CMRI, JMRI,TLC, all computer based software, and every other lighting and sound circuit ever made (the list is quite literally endless)... best of all, its very compatible with model railroaders!

Externally cuable!
The Dream Player can be cued by any switch closure... a simple push button located anywhere convenient is all you need to start Scale Magic™ Sound serenading your layout whenever you wish.

Endless Creativity!
The dream player's versatile (and re configurable!) input triggers and animation outputs offer endless possibility. The Dream Player is an honest investment in your own scale dreams. And with our "Dream On's" add on accessories you can build your dreams for layout sound, special FX lighting & animation control at any pace and to any level of sophistication you can dream up.

Now you can own a Dream Player loaded with Scale Magic™ Sound, in any scene!